Life insurance allows you, the policy owner, to build cash value through your life insurance policy that accumulates over your lifetime. This is considered a living benefit of life insurance because, in contrast to a death benefit that pays out when you pass away, you can use the money while you're still alive.
Foreign National Insurance
Arbitrator Insurance
Debt Cancellation Protection
Living Benefits
College Plans
529 plans are flexible, tax-advantaged accounts designed specifically for education savings. Funds can be used for qualified education expenses for schools nationwide.
Foreign nationals are a growing demographic in the United States. Many who regularly visit, do business, or own property in this country, may be unaware of the potential estate tax exposure they face. U.S. dollar-denominated life insurance can be used to help pay estate taxes and protect the quality of life for their family.
Alternate dispute resolution firms, commonly called ADRs, assist parties in settling disputes in a nonpublic venue that is outside the courtroom. The parties may be individuals or businesses, and the disputes may be civil or criminal. 
A debt cancellation contract (DCC) cancels all or part of a loan due to a change in circumstances for the borrower. Banks and other financial institutions offer debt cancellation contracts in place of credit insurance plans.
Credit Involuntary Unemployment Insurance
Credit Involuntary Unemployment Insurance (IUI) makes payments on your credit obligations when you have lost your full-time job through no fault of your own. Examples of “involuntary unemployment” include a layoff, general strike, involuntary termination of employment, unionized labor dispute or a lockout.
Funeral PreNeeds
The term preneed, for example, means a type of arrangement where you pay for funeral products and services in advance. You enter into a preneed contract with a particular funeral provider, such as a funeral home or cremation service.
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